All the pupils are expected to be in the campus before 8-30 A.M.

Progress and Discipline:

1. Parents should see that their children are regular in attendance, prompt in the accomplishment of homework etc., thus enabling them to gain the maximum from the opportunities offered at school.

2. To have a close relationship between the parent and the school, it is desired and recommended that parents or guardians should visit the school periodically and collect information from the Principal regarding the progress and general behaviour of their children.

3. Parents are not allowed to visit classes or meet teachers during class hours. They should collect any information needed from the office.

4. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during class hours (for any reason what so ever) without permission.

5. Pupils are requested to keep their class room and the school premises absolutely clean. For this they should make use of the dust-bins provided. The students should form the habit of not scribbling anything on the wall, furniture etc. (Remember it is your school).

6. Children should always show respect to the school authorities and the staff. They should be gentle and polite to their companions.

7. Pupils should be present on the reopening day after any long holiday. Any defaulter will be penalized.

8. Pupils shall not absent themselves from any organized school activity without the permission of the principal.

9. Pupils suffering from infectious or contagious diseases will not be allowed to attend school.

10. Pupils should not wear gold ornaments. They are responsible for their own books, fountain pens, Tiffin carriers or any other articles they may bring to school. Tiffin carriers should be marked with the name and initials of the student. It will help us in tracing the lost or misplaced object.

11. Exchange of articles or money transaction between students and teachers are not allowed.

Examination and Progress Report:

1. The Question Paper pattern is due for a change from Std IV onwards. An overall coverage of objective type short answer and long answer questions through out lesson will be followed.

2. Progress of the students is assessed by means of the mid-term and terminal examinations. The progress report issued after the term examinations should be signed and returned carefully within the prescribed time (3 days).

3. If a girl absents herself for any test or examination, she will be marked absent and be given a zero in that test or examination unless leave of absence had been obtained from the Principal. Students should obtain 50% of marks for a pass in each subject.

4. Anyone indulging in copying, will be dismissed. She will not be promoted under any circumstances.

Private Tuitions Pupils must be able to cope up with their studies as a result of good teaching, but when absolutely necessary parents may make arrangements for private Tuitions. But it should be done only through the Principal who will take the necessary steps accordingly, keeping in mind the individual need of the pupil.


1. A week’s notice in writing is required for the removal of a pupil from the school.

2. Transfer Certificate shall be given to those who have settled all their dues.

Leave of Absence:

1. Except for reasons of ill health or other such unavoidable circumstances, a previous written application from the parent or guardian is required for any leave of absence.

2. Students are not permitted to take leave for attending social functions, wedding etc.

3. If a girl absents herself for three days continuously without information, her name will be removed from the school.