The Tidal Zone

Holy Angels Girls’ Higher Secondary School, located at New Fairlands sends a clarion call to all her blooms and blossoms to be sprightly and watchful during this precarious pandemic situation accelerated by COVID 19. Even at this period of physical confinement the school has left no stone unturned. The school has launched e-learning programme to keep in touch with the teachers, students and their parents. The school offers a diverse and challenging program of study for the student body that is continually evolving. Our students represent a wide range of intellectual abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds, mirroring our diverse community with its special blend of cultures. Recognizing that students have various learning styles, teachers design specific online instructions to create learning environments amusing. Instructional programs are based on clearly established objectives with high expectations of achievement. This empowers students to acquire self-discipline, skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve academic excellence, meet career goals, and contribute to society in a responsible and productive manner.

Emphasis is placed on the provision of effective literacy and numeracy programs. Learning outcomes for students are maximised by whole school planning and program implementation, ongoing professional development for staff, appropriate resource provision, special needs assistance, comprehensive assessment and reporting practices and regular evaluation of all school programs. Faculty members act as facilitators, assisting students in acquiring the communication and information access skills they need to function as productive citizens in an increasingly technological world. Students are taught to be prudent risk-takers and creative problem solvers in a global society. Achievement of these goals will result in their becoming socially and ethically responsible adults. A broader knowledge based and appreciation developed through exploring the interconnections among science, mathematics and the humanities elicits higher level thinking skills. To foster this development, Holy Angels’ Girls Higher Secondary School provides opportunities for the students to explore not only these connections, but also access a wide range of subjects and interests. As the Lead Head of this luminous portal of learning I earnestly desire that the Divine may fill us with His graces to face the present day health hazards. Be at home! Be safe!

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