Response to Draft National Education Policy

   The Hon’ble Minister, Ministry Human Resource Development,
   Government of India, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi – 110 001.

We have serious reservation regarding “Some Inputs for the Draft National Education Policy, 2016”. Apart from the procedural infirmities in the Draft Policy, it is against basic structure of the Constitution like Secularism and Pluralism, Federal Structure of Governance, and is insensitive to Minorities and Social Justice. It seeks to establish Ultra Nationalism of one-culture, one-religion and one-language.

Therefore we, the Christian community in Tamil Nadu respectfully submit before the Government, the following demands:

  1. As the Draft National Education Policy is full of inconsistencies and procedural improprieties militating against secularism, pluralism and federalism, which form the basic structure of the Constitution, it needs to be rejected in toto. The document cannot form the basis for any serious discussion.
  2. The Central Government must give up its efforts to impose the Bhraminical and Vedic educational system along with its cultural values, as reflected in Gurukul system of education under the pretext of National Education Policy, 2016.
  3. The Central Government must desist from imposing Sanskrit as the third language onthe states, but rather facilitate the growth and development of regional languages, and in our case, Tamil language.
  4. The Central Government must give up its efforts to impose the National Curriculum in the various subjects, as contemplated in the policy and respect the separation of powers between the centre and the states under the scheme of federal governance.
  5. The Central Government has to specially constitute a new Committee for evolving National Education Policy, with experts from the fields of education, anthropology, sociology, psychology, law and other disciplines, wherein there has to be some representation for minorities, SC/ST, BC and women.
  6. The Draft National Education Policy has to take into account, pluralism, secularism, equality, fraternity, social justice, freedom, the uniqueness of the regions / states, the separation of powers and democratic culture that are part and partial of the basic structure of the Constitution.
  7. The Draft New Education Policy has to respect the Constitutional rights conferred upon the minority educational institutions, in the light of the various judgements of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Due reference to the historical contribution of Christian Community in the field of education needs to be made while evolving the education policy.

Yours faithfully,

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