Basic Candidate Details
1. Registration Form No. 1
2. Class to which admission is sought LKG
3. Name of the candidate
4. Date of Birth
5. Date of Birth in words
6. Age as on October 31, 2017
7. Gender
8. Nationality
9. Religion
10. Social Category
11. Mobile No. for SMS
12. Have you applied for Twin Child
13. Parent Staus(For Single Parent)
14. Present Address
15. Permanent Address
Parent Details Mother Father
16.1 Name
16.2 Date of Birth
16.3 Email ID
16.4 Mobile No.
16.5 Qualification
16.6 Profession
16.7 Name and address of Organization
16.8 Designation
16.9 Annual Income
16.1 PAN
16.11 Alumni
Class and Year of Passing
Guardian Details
17.1 Name
17.2 Date of Birth
17.3 Email ID
17.4 Mobile No.
17.5 Qualification
17.6 Profession
17.7 Name and address of Organization
17.8 Designation
17.9 Annual Income
17.1 Relation to the candidate
Other Details
18 Is there any medical information about your ward which the school should be aware of
19 Name of Previous School/Pre-School/Nursery/Creche
20 Have you applied for the ward in any of the previous year?
21 Is this your first child
I/ We hereby certify that above information provided by me/ us is correct and I / we understand that if any part of the information is found to be incorrect or false, my/our ward shall be automatically debarred from selection/ admission process/admission cancelled without any correspondence in thisregard. I / we also understand that the application/ registration/ short listing does not guarantee admission of my ward. I/ we accept the process ofadmission undertaken by the school and I/ we will abide by the decision of the school authorities.
Place : ___________________
Date  : ___________________                                          ____________________                                              ____________________
Signature of Mother                                                  Signature of Father